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Corruption of Attached Microsoft Excel Files

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David M Member Since: Jul 12, 2015
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Vladimir G wrote:

Hi David,


I'm sorry you feel this way. Again, even disregarding the findings our team shared which are a product of a detailed and meticulous review, I personally can confirm that the last paragraph in question, which is part of the later provided PDF file and the content in question here, isn't appearing in the file you shared with me yesterday, which is the source file.

Feel free to follow up with me directly if you have any other information you'd like to provide and I'll be glad to look into this further and get our team involved. We are committed into investigating each and every report of potential problems on our platform and confirming if it's an issue or not.



A meticulous investigation would involve asking both parties exactly what internet browser, operating system and word processing software versions they were using to get to the bottom of it.

Nobody has asked these questions which is just typical of Upwork's fault finding methods.

Clearly nobody wants to bother the client as it's unprofessional, but you admitting that the paragraph was missing when you looked at it, and taking my word that there is only one file in question here, perhaps your technical team can have a conversation with me directly in this case - or is that against something in your ToS?

There was a history to this thread with Excel spreadsheets being altered, and not once was the underlying problem identified as to what caused the issues, so perhaps some transparency is needed?

I'm still waiting for the "Previous Client" bug not showing on the job feed to be fully explained as sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Again, no technical team reaching out, no explanation, just forget about it and it will go away mentality.

This has to change Upwork, please!