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Re: Could be, Upwork is now taking seriously, what users have to say...

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Anil N Member Since: Aug 21, 2013
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Hi all,

This is my first positive feedback on this forum.

We all know the way Upwork has been operating, it seems like they are hurtling down hill.

- Users logging into other user profiles (2 days ago)

- Slow performing web site.

- Frequent down times.

- Site functionality problems.

- Holding contractor payment for 4 - 7 days unlike Elance.

- Fewer clients.

- Fewer good clients.

- Better jobs almost non-existent.

- Concentrating on spit and polish and neglecting core functionality of their web platform.

- Scant disregard what the users want and need.

Much more...

My post was prompted by two things:

1, My recent extended interaction with help desk about the problem faced by us and the bull headed greater than thou Upwork attitude.
2. The message posted by Haydan B (Upwork employee) on the Upwork web site.

My current optimism may be premature, but time will tell.

If we see something good that Upwork is doing, let's let them know about. This will validate and encourage them in their new direction . This will encourage them and let them know they are on the right track.


Anil Nath

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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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Things are still a little slow for me, but I have been able to put in a bid.


Big plus: You can now see the title of the file(s) you are sending to a potential client.

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Darren C Member Since: Sep 10, 2015
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This week I have not been able to log in, I cannot review my team's performance, I cannot review logs, cannot even message certain members of my team.  I cannot hire and I cannot review applications.  Support messages are marked as "solved" even though no action is taken.


Aside from this week, there have been many problems with the new site design.  Painfully slow log ins.  Really bad site re-design.  This has been a complete inconvenience for me and my team.  Extrapolate these costs agains all customers and this is a lot of wasted hours.


I'd like to know what the thinking was behind the changes - is this just a vanity project gone wrong?