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Count oDesk Bugs

This thread is solely dedicated to the bugs founded on the oDesk platform. Please count the bugs as you add to this thread and then increase or decrease bugs count as it is solved or unsolved so that oDesk Engineering team, hopefully, can fix it.


I will give a head start …


  1. Today, while applying for an interesting job in my feed, I found that the job was posted 3 hours ago and the client last viewed it 6 hours ago. Please see the attachment below. How is it possible? Is anyone else having similar problem?

Possibly a time zone issue. I can assume that "posted" time is showed in your time zone and "viewed" in client's.

Also, a thing I can think of, that client first saved this job as draft and posted it sometime after. So the time "viewed" displays last time he/she edited the draft.


These are only my assumptions and I'd still like to hear some clarification from oDesk staff.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Manoj Kumar,


I would recommend reporting technical issues to Customer Support. It would be the fastest way to have it escalated to the Engineering Team and have it checked as soon as possible.


As for the difference between the time viewed and posted you are referring to, it could be because job postings get published with a delay.



~ Valeria

I agree with Valeria that it is probably best to report technical issues to Customer Support. Although I do appreciate MK's apparent idea to establish a consolidated record of such issues and to post them in the oDesk Community.

The Community already seems to be becoming a bit cluttered, and I still have not figured out how to create tags and use them yet. Is the tag feature implemented and available for use by all Community members?

Another Community feature that I look forward to is the "Idea Exchange." I hope when that feature is implemented, it will allow Community members to exchange thoughts about new as well as past issues.

For instance, using the "Idea Exchange" feature I hope to initiate a discussion about the search features currently available for freelancers to use in their search for the best jobs and the best clients according to each individual freelancers' pursuits and preferred search criteria (better search, filtering, and sorting options).

Edited 01/08/2015 RT/lwm

Ron aka LanWanMan

Hi Ronald,


When you create a new post you should see three fields: Subject, Body and Message Tags. You should be able to add those message tags and they will show under your post.


And thank you for sharing your opinion about the Idea Exchange category. I will share it with the Team.

~ Valeria

Thank you for the reply regarding "tags": however, "no joy" (does work yet as explained by GM).

Great idea, that is, initially reserving the use of tags to Community moderators and administrators in order to ensure an organized set of tags is established for use.

Actually, I suggest that the creation of tags continue to be restricted for use by Community moderators and administrators. If the feature is made available to all Community members, the system will eventually become cluttered with useless tags diminishing the effectiveness of the tagging feature.

Some systems provide for two levels of tagging; essentially a global set of tags and a user set of tags. I doubt that capability is available with the current system that the Community runs on, and I would not advise modifying the core code.


Note to AB: Verified -- using Web browsers Firefox, Chrome, and IE tags in blue font added by Community Manager "L" in a recent post about vidoe tutorials are not click-able.


Edited 01/08/2015 RT/lwm


Ron aka LanWanMan

Thanks Ronald. We're reviewing the implementation of the Idea Exchange function. Additionally, the tags function is specific to moderators/adminstrators as we want to keep a smaller set of organized tags for the time being. 


This is a bug related to odesk forum. I am not sure if anyone else has this issue. On google chrome I am unable to click on the Tag Cloud links on the left hand side. The links are clickable on Internet Explorer.

I checked my chrome updates and it was up to date. Can anyone else using google chrome verify this??  


Hi Aseem, I verified using Internet Explorer and Google Chrome and I am having the same issue with Tag Cloud links on the left hand side.


Thanks for verifying that Manoj. Although this does not really have a big impact on anyone but I think for something like odesk which provides a workplace for software and web developers with decades of experience, such basic bugs are plain embarrassing. I am not surprized that their features like auto hidden job tab are causing so much issues to freelancers. Does odesk even have a testing strategy for features they roll out or they expect us to do all the testing and report bugs?