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Cover Letter

Can someone suggerst me to how to write a cover letter to attract the buyers. May be i am not getting jobs because of this.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Sagor,


You need to write original and project specific proposals on Upwork, and I strongly advise against using templated, universal or copied cover letters. You can find instructions and tips for writing a great proposal in the Proposal Workshop Video and following articles: here, here and here.

~ Vladimir

 Hii to everyone
 I am begginer work in upwork.

i applied in 20-25 jobs in a month..unfortunately every job was rejected.No one is accepting my proposal.i was depressed vmuch.Now a days i was getting doubt on my talent...so if any one had solvation please suggest me friends.i am a mechanical designer . i can use cad and solidworks works for creating 3d parts and assembles for different mechanisms.  


can anyone also help me with a good cover letter . 


  thanks in advance 😄 

Hi Hesham,


Please refer to my reply above and check the resources I've linked to in the post.

~ Vladimir

Hesham,there is no template for a good cover letter--a good cover letter is very specific to the job. Don't spend too much time talking about your background and experience; focus only on the aspects that make you best qualified for this particular job and tie them to the client's needs. 


Start strong. When the client sees your proposal in the list, he'll see the first line or two, so don't waste that space with generic greetings--get right to something that will catch the client's attention.