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Creation of agency account closed all my freelancer contracts automatically



I created an agency account yesterday and it seems that all my active contracts that I had as a freelancer were closed and reopened as agency contracts. Which means that the service fee starts again at 20%, as the lifetime billed amount for those clients with the agency is $0. I understand that this is a new client relationship wherefore the fee starts at 20% again, however considering that I created these contracts as a freelancer and did not transfer them to my agency account myself (I am also a non-exclusive member, so contracts separate from the agency should be possible), claiming the full service fee is just unacceptable. 


I already contacted support to reverse this, but they told me that a transfer of contracts from agency to freelancer account and vice versa is not possible (which is weird, because this actually happened when I created the agency account). Closing the agency account is obviously also not possible due to the now active contracts under the agency. 


The only solution that I see is that I am now forced to end all my active contracts and ask my clients to rehire me under my freelancer account to avoid having to pay the full service fee again. 


I really hope that I can reach someone here who can help me solve this problem another way. 

Thank you

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Community Manager

Hi Madeleine,


I'm sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. Please continue to communicate with our support team as they are the ones who can best assist you. 


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Hello Madeleine F


What happened then? I accidentally created one and suffering from this too much hassle too

Hi John Rex,


I checked your account and it looks like one of our agents is already assisting you via chat. Feel free to follow up on your ticket if you have any questions. Thanks!



~ Joanne

Hi John,


it was a bit of a hassle but I was in contact with Upwork Support and they were able to finally sort this out.  The contracts couldn't be transferred back to my freelancer account for some reason, but my lifetime billings were adjusted on my agency account so that the system 'knows' the right service fee and now everything seems fine. 

It seemed to me that this was a problem that hadn't happened before so it took a while to sort this, but I hope that your issue can now be resolved more quickly!

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I had the same issue and then discovered that the option to directly open a support ticket is no longer available since last time I used it. The chat bot is a nuissance.

Hi Levon,


You should be able to reach out to our support team by following the instructions shared in this help article. Feel free to share your concern here with us and we'll be sure to address it accordingly or have the correct team assist you directly.


Thank you! 

~ Bojan
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