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Crying need to Help

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Hi Every body'.


I am have been trying for many days to get a jod as a Freelancer  & I have no shortage of attempts to send the application  and I have sent  more than 20 applications but I did not get any reply. I don't know reason why it's happening like that with me?


Is there any problem in my Profile or else ? I don't know.


Is there any helpful,kind person to see my Profile and show me errors and give me essential instructions ? plz 


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 I would be  enough greatful to hom.


thanks a lot.

Community Guru


Hi Mahammad. Welcome.


You have to be patient and perseverant. For some of us it took a few months to gain that first contract.


Where is your employment history? You don't have any oDesk history, so you'll need to at least show potential clients what you've been doing in the past.


When you take oDesk tests, only display the ones with higher scores. If it's below average, I would hide it and keep re-taking it until I achieve something higher.


All the best.

Community Guru

Your top-listed job title is English-to-Arabic translation.


You wisely took the English-to-Arabic translation job skill... but your percentile score is 8.


That means that 92% of people on oDesk who took this test did better than you. If clients see that, they might look for some of those 92%. I agree with Gillian that you should probably hide that test score until you can study more and do better at it.


Because that is such a niche specialty, you are wise to post other job skills, which you are doing. Maybe you could expand upon your SEO skills even more. You could take a few SEO-related job skill tests that are available. You could list that first, and list English-to-Arabic translation second in your skills list and job title.


You may just need patience... The job skills you posted are either (a) rarely in demand or (b) extremely common and widely available on oDesk. So there is a supply and demand problem here... You are offering to supply skills which are either in too much supply or too little demand.


Based on your current skill set, patience is called for while you begin working on oDesk. Patience, and work in your local economy off-line, off oDesk.


If you want to enhance your likelihood of working on oDesk further, you could continue to work for free - working for yourself - every week. You could continue studying, practicing, honing your skills, getting better at taking skill tests. And you could create some portfolio pieces that demonstrate the skills you want to be hired for. You may also want to carefully study all newly posted jobs on oDesk and make notes on some of the unusual, rare job skills that are being asked for with some regularity - job skills which few people possess. Even specific technologies and software packages or systems which clients need help with, but which not very many people apply to work with. Then go take some time to learn those skills, do a few projects using those skills, and then highlight those skills on your profile and and apply to jobs in that new area. You could do this for one or two skills, which you undertake an intensive study of and become a genuine master of. These need to be skills or technologies that were NOT taught at your college and which are taught at no (or very few) colleges, but which a suficient number of clients want to hire people for.

Community Guru

Preston and Gillian had made some excellent points but if you feel like giving up after 20 job applications, I think you really need to reconsider if odesk is the correct platform for you. Because even if you add a lot of 5 start feedbacks to your profile, you might still not be able to find a job after just 20 job applications. There is just too much competetion here and quality clients are hard to come by. If I remember correctly , I used to try to finish all my applications quota when I started out. It took a lot of my time but I was prepared for this. 

I am sure that you are good at your work but freelancing also requires a certain aptitude as well. There are times when even the most experienced freelancers can not find projects for a whole month. You need to be prepared for that.

Community Guru

English To Arabic Translation Skills Test = 8. Seruoisly? And Arabic is your mother tongue.


From your profile, it’s clear that your English skills are below average. Thus, how can you translate TO English?


Are you sure that you want to do this?


I am sorry, my answer may be blunt, but honestly you don’t seem to have the skills required to be a successful translator. Not yet at least.


This is not something you can fake.

"Where darkness shines like dazzling light"   —William Ashbless
Community Guru

Hi Mahammad S


Enough said about the "English To Arabic Translation Skills Test." Nonetheless, retaking all pertinent oDesk tests until achieving the best scores possible is always in the best interest of the freelancer.

I doubt you would be able to accurately translate Arabic to English any time soon; however, if translating English to Arabic is your goal, then, start with writing related jobs (there are plenty on oDesk and other freelance sites) using your Arabic language skills. Your Arabic language skills must be essentially error free to succeed in that effort.

After you have mastered both "English To Arabic translation" and "Arabic to English translation" you might be ready to expand your offerings to include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or more likely Social Media Marketing (SMM). In addition, I suggest that you perform research ("niche" analysis) in order to determine if there is any demand for Social Media Optimization (SMO) that requires both Arabic and English language writing skills.

Continue working on your freelancer profile in order to complete and improve ALL sections to the best of your ability. Section: Overview, Work History and Feedback, Portfolio, Tests, Certifications, Employment History, Education, Other Experiences.

For resources to help improve writing in the English language, please visit the post "English Writing Skills - Part 1"

Best of luck with your career as a freelancer here on oDesk and elsewhere!

Ron aka LanWanMan