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Culture Index workplace-preference assessment?

Someone just asked me to take a  Culture Index workplace-preference assessment for an upwork Freelancer. I've not come across this before, is this allowed by Upwork's TOS? It seems off to me to be asked ot jump through the hoops an internal hire would as a freelancer.


Hi Gabriel,


Thank you for reaching out to us. Please know that it's against our Terms of Service (TOS) to share your contact information or to ask others to share theirs before a contract starts. That includes a phone number, user ID for communication tools (like Skype, Slack, or WeChat), email address, home or work address, and less direct sources, like:
  • Sharing or filling in a form asking for contact information
  • Linking to an applicant management system or another way of submitting a proposal or application outside of Upwork
  • Sharing or asking for any social media handles


You can find more information in this help article. I will also share your report with our team for further review. 
~ Nikola
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This isn't asking for contact information, it's asking me to take a personalty test, which seems a bit much as a freelancer, but I'm wondering if it's against the TOS

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