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Customer Service Unbelieveable

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Mobahser H Member Since: Feb 19, 2015
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@Suzanne N wrote:
I chatted with a rep to report a job post which had a link with a virus in it. The response I got was flag it and they will review it. The link had an exe file trying to download to the computer, my virus protection went off and said there was a virus and stopped it. My thought was to report it so that no one else got an infection on their computer and that they could remove it right away. I get told though that they will review it. I have flagged posts in the past with issues and 5 days later they are still there. I cannot believe that an Odesk CSR would not want someone to report it so they could pull the job down asap. Unbelievable!

Hi dear friends i am a new odesk user and i am looking for a online customer support job so please i am requesting to all of you to hel he and show me the way that how can i get a job on odesk i will be very thank full to all of u thanx....

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Manish A Member Since: Nov 4, 2014
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Hi Mobahser,


Welcome to oDesk, on how to get your first job check this out.





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Sheikh Mahfuzur R Member Since: May 1, 2015
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Your account has been suspended. Please contact customer support.

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Santiago G Member Since: Mar 10, 2015
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I'm just surprised that no one was re-directed to the cafeteria so far....... or were they??


That's the "joys" of contacting customer service. Quoting Howard Wolowitz...... "There are two kinds of people in this world. Those that call tech support, and those that make fun of the people that call techsupport"!!


The questions quickly become:


How exactly did they get their jobs?


How exactly did they keep their jobs?


When they reply, are they just guessing at random based on a word or two found in the message?


I'm aware of how things work in help desks / customer support. More often than not, they get flooded on a hourly basis with questions from every direction sent by people that want results 30 seconds ago. So they didn't really have a lot of time to carefully detail everything. But the least they can do here is stay on topic as others clearly pointed out that they havent even come close. That's just ridiculous.

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Jean S Member Since: Oct 22, 2007
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A recent dealing with Customer Service was truly unbelievable.


I reported someone who was violating an Odesk Policy.


They were using their portfolio items to link to their business website. Client could clearly see this and end up on their website.


First reply from CS is instructions on how to link to my portfolio.


I write back requesting they read my email and repeat the the problem.


They write back and say, we get it. You're reporting a freelancer for asking to work outside of Odesk. Please send screenshots of this freelancer requesting to work outside of Odesk or flag them.


I write back again and ask them to READ THE EMAIL. Again I explain in the most simple terms possible.


They write back and say they will forward it to the Marketplace Quality Team.


Marketplace Quality Team writes and says they review his page and have asked him to remove the links. 


Two days later I discover the links are still there and discover that in every Feedback he gave to every client he includes a link to his business website. I look at his website and find an article on how to get business clients from Odesk without having to work on Odesk.


I write Marketplace QT again and say...hey..what's up with this? 


They write back and say they will now take action against the account.


Next email from them tells me they are closing the ticket as everything is now resolved.


8 days later this person's account is still there with all the links to his business website.


I bang my head against the wall and wonder why I even bothered.