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Customer Support - Threads getting removed

Why are threads relating oDesk Customer Support getting removed with no explanations, replies and/or reason - for that matter?


Threads are routinely combined with other threads when they are redundant andwould go better together than separately. The posts are usually not deleted entirely.

Hey Preston, thank you for the reply.


This one actually got removed.

"You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or it parent to perform this action."

I was neither offensive nor rude, it was a thread where I criticized the level of knowledge, the approach and courtesy of the individuals assigned to my case. I asked for the feedback from the community to see if this is something that has been happening to them as well, or is this something that happened only to me. Based on the threads I have read in the meantime - it seems to me that people are unsatisfied with the level of support they're getting, and the treatment along the way.


It's sad to see - that a post on a public forum that is used to express your opinion about the service provider gets removed because I wasn't complimenting it.