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Customers ignore

Hello, I had an order from a client, I accepted an offer and completed the order, after I sent the completed work, the client stopped responding to my messages, and only after 19 days I received payment. And I have this situation again, I was talking to the customer and he responded quickly, but after I sent him the work he also stopped responding to my messages. 

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If you are getting paid automatically, I do not see what the problem is.

For, me the issue would be the additional 2 weeks before I receive payment.

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Was the clinet's profile verified? Because always prefer to those clients which are verfied by upwork. 

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It is very important to understand how payments work on fixed price and hourly contracts. No need to contact the client if you have a contract and submit the work properly. On fixed price contract, clients have 14 days to review. If they don't do anything, the amount goes automatically in the 5-day security period the next day. 




You can find ressources in Academy - Upwork Community and the

Help center : https://support.upwork.com/hc/en-us?code=7d9120321701ea959742f250d924b962

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Once you submit the work, the client has 14 days to either ask for a revision or approve, otherwise Upwork automatically releases the payment. Did you have any other questiions? Have a great day!

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I will wait for the payment, thank you all for the answer.

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What can I do about it?

re: "What can I do about it?"


You are asking what you can do about Damir's payment?

You can not do anything.

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