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Customize my Profile Page

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Is there a way to customize my Profile Page with more colors and images etc ?. This way I can make my page more "attractive". to clients.


Thank you

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Unni,


You can customize your profile by adding an introductory video, updating your Portfolio with your latest work samples and improving your profile overview to make it more readable.


Hello  Vladimir, 


I have already made my profile upto date. But I want more like adding color to text, bolding sentence and words and so on... 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Unni,


That is not possible as users are advised to focus on making their profile more professional.

Community Guru

You can put images in your portfolio.


Is possible also to change the colors for the entire web, but will not have any effect on how clients in other computers see your profile.

I would like to add some flowers to my profile and dot all my I's with a heart. I don't think Upwork will allow I am going to go off and sulk about it a little bit.

The whole posint is what client look at the profile page and what we do is for them. Here I was wondering if we can basic customization like said before , adding fonts, colors, hyper links etc.

Just a small heads up: don't add any hyperlinks in your profile or portfolio to sites that give your personal contact details as this is against Upwork's ToS (although you can add these in a proposal).

Most often we need to add our app  published in play store or app store.. In that case we need to add hyper link and upon clicking on that, it will leave Upwork and open in new window. I have seen couple of such profiles.



I believe the answer is: It is not going to be allowed. 

Wrong way. Enter in google "worst web design" and look a the images; they all have something in common: Lots of different fonts and fontsizes and rainbows of bleeding colors shooted in all directions hiding the real message.


Unless you do graphical design, clients will not care about how many fonts available are in your computer. Everybody knows nowadays how to change the color of a text, so nobody will be impressed by that. Your goal should be to use one and only one font for the entire document, two fonts max (one in preambles or appendix, other for the body of the document), never more. Instead use bold and italic variants of the same font, or different fontsizes for footnotes, captions, sections of chapers. If you do advertising you can relax this rule because is a text destined to be read in layers, but in typography less is more normally.

what is my objective is just to have a basic custiomization feature in such a way that it may provide value add in terms of visibility and readability to the profile.

Community Guru

I don't see this happening. The standard profile gives everyone a fair playing field and you should be able to "stand out" with your portfolio and experience.

MySpace from a decade ago just called, using a telephone that traverses time. They said they are looking for a missing designer and wanted to know if he was hanging out here.