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Date of birth issue

My date of birth is changed in my bank account's detail as in my Upwork, will it be the issue or not?


Hi Muhammad,


Please know that your bank account details should match your account information. In general, this would raise a red flag and our team might temporarily put your account on hold and reach out to you with instructions on how you can correct this.


Please update your account and add the correct information to avoid this.

~ AJ

Hey aj,

Actually, My Id card has some mistake, i matched my card with my birthday certificate it was not matching with that so i go to the office and complained about it my date of birth was mentiwron in that now i recieved the right one, and as per the wrong one i have putted all the information in my upwork account in which the birth date is wrong, kindly solve this, I'm so frustrated 🥺

Hi Muhammad,


Thank you for your message. I followed up with the team and they have initiated a new ID verification request on your account to update your date of birth as requested by you. You can upload your documents here


Thank you,



Here it will take approximately 4 to 5 months to getting my id card with
accurate information
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Make sure the date of birth matches your ID.

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