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Dead Contracts Plz help!!! No Feedback == Negative affect on Job Success why??

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Brijraj S Member Since: Apr 9, 2015
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 Hello, Plz help me what should i do about dead contract. If I end them and the client does not provide any feedback why it should have negative affect on Job Success. Where is my fault.

Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Venkata K Member Since: Jul 28, 2015
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First:  Why the contract is dead? Do you communicate with the client ? If you communicate you can contact client to give feedback and end the contract. Or you can end it yourself saying that client doesnt require work to be done. I will go with the first option.

Community Leader
Michael Z Member Since: Jul 19, 2015
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A dead contract is usually a contract in which the client doesn't respond anymore. Most of the time because the job has been completed and they don't feel like spending 1 minute closing up the contract is worth their time.

 This results in the freelancer not getting any feedback. And if I'm correct, when multiple of these cases occur in which you do not get feedback from the client - it decreases your JS score.