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Deal With Scope Creep New Client Who Doesn't 'Get' How the Site Works

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Dianne M Member Since: Jul 25, 2013
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Update: Wow, she sent me a new offer and this time, the fee is what we've previously discussed. She seems 'normal' again and speaking clearly...this time with fair expectations. Anyway, I'll just ignore her. Too much risk involved.


Maybe she has a split personality or I'm talking to two different persons. The way she writes when she's nice is VERY different to the way she writes when being the diva/other personality. She's also very likable on Skype's why I was taken by surprise by her The Grinch Xmas episode.


Maybe this is a case of account sharing, like that one client I've had a problem in the past with and it turned out the one writing to me with an attitude is the client's son. Well too bad and too late; plus with the way she won't even try to learn how the site works (don't know what a contract is, what closing one is, and what leaving feedback is), it's better to simply ignore her.


Why? If I continue working with her, she might have more diva Grinch episodes or I might end up with a bunch of no-feedback jobs; and we know how oDesk takes that as part of the metrics for placing a freelancer under review/suspension. 


If anyone out there is a lot more patient than I am and doesn't mind a client who keeps on changing her mind/personality, plus might jeopardize your oDesk career by making you more review/suspension-worthy, she's all yours folks! 


to oDesk:


Wait, I clicked on block this client from sending's weird how she's able to send me a new offer. So the block invite only blocks invites but the client can still spam/send the freelancer offers? Weird feature oDesk!


Oh, and how come the client can send offers to a freelancer who is NOT available? If I don't reply within 24 hrs, my response rating will fall and your site will take that against me. What if I'm ill or I'm in vacation? What if I've set it to unavailable because I will have no internet access for the next few days? 


Good job oDesk! I hate to say this but it looks like your new features are meant to sabotage a freelancer in every way possible these days.

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Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Dianne,


I am sorry about the negative experience you had with the client. I also apologize that blocking the client or setting your profile to not-available did not prevent her from sending an offer to you. I'll share your feedback with the Team. Setting your profile to not-available will limit your visibility in search and will inform the clients about your availability, however it will not prevent clients who have saved your profile from sending invitations.


Thank you for your patience!

~ Valeria
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Ronald T Member Since: Sep 14, 2009
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MS, reviewed your extremely well-written and well-supported profile; added to favorites. 


I see why the degree of professionalism; worked for "C" Corporation. Me too long ago; IT department Lake Mary, Florida location.


Hint: Your rate is too low.


Ron aka LanWanMan
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Marissa S Member Since: Feb 6, 2008
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Thanks Ron for the compliment --> I will raise my hourly rate Q2 of this year. Just polishing my new service offering and this new website. Ah, the C crowd...  Funny as it may sound but when you do charge for proposals and skype consultations - clients take you more seriously. I normally give 1-hour free talk time each week  Woman Wink


@Dianne: I guess, you can go for your gut instincts this time. Used to have a more demanding client who turned out to be a keeper (long term work) - this line has work its magic for me, always: "Please help me... help you."


If you're curious -- here are proposals I'm using:


1. Project Initiation - proposal/outline of work specs, scope and limitations; 2-3 pages

2. Work and Non-Disclosure Agreement -  7 pages; signed by both parties prior to work (includes copyright/IP clauses)

3. Preparation - information request and questions to be answered by client before any work is clocked in

3. Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Review - excel shared file (3-5 sheets)-- more like a performance review w/c can be helpful for raises/bonuses

4. Contract Revision - for changes/revisions/additional work (max 5 pages)

5. Exit Agreement - to be accomplished 1-2 weeks before closing a contract


Just leave some items blank to allow for customisation and create a template that you can use.