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Dealing with Jack of all trades Syndrome

Hi fellow community members!


As a new member itching to start earning. What would you suggest that I do to avoid applying for everything in sight?


It really can be tempting to want to attempt every opportunity I come across.


Thank you.

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If you have lot of free money to waste for connects then why not? You can apply anywhere. Upwork will be happy with. 🙂

Hahaha. That's true though.


Can you help with what I can do to curtail myself please?

Only apply for jobs where you know you will be one of the top three applicants. How do you know? Do you meet or exceed every single qualification? Have you completed the type of work before? In all honesty with yourself, can you do the job better than almost anyone? Then apply.


There are many scams on the site, and you must learn the Terms of Service and how to set up contracts. Learn those key facts before you apply for a single job. Otherwise, you will waste time and effort on scams. You have to learn to check out the clients, because Upwork does nothing, it is up to you. Once you eliminate the scam "jobs" you will discover that although it appears there are thousands of jobs, most are not real.


Please read this post and follow every link. Pay special attention to the Red Flags for Wes on scams.


Be selective when applying. Check for scams, first and foremost. The biggest mistake new people make is going outside the platform before an Upwork contract is in place. You can't talk to them, text, etc. and you can never accept money outside of Upwork.


If you have lots of money, you can apply for everything and see what a disaster it will be. I would advise against that action, and urge you to be selective. Also, do not boost unless you know you are one of the top three and really want the job.





Thank you.

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By the way, I'm trying to get certification for any job I feel has prospect.


I'm consoling myself with the "no knowledge is a waste" sage but something is just not sitting pretty about it.

You're right that knowledge is good, and sometimes knowing one thing enhances your appeal as a candidate in another area. But, if you advertise too many different services, it may give clients the idea that you aren't especially skilled at anything.

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There is nothing wrong with applying to a variety of jobs. As long as you have the qualifications and skill set, you should explore any job that interests you. However, the first thing you should do is create your profile in a way that defines those specific skills, but keeps unrelated skills separated. The best way to do this is with Specialized Profiles, and it appears that you have one already.


If your main profile provides cybersecurity services, your title will be more focused as Cyber Security Analyst, without the "business development management" part. Then, your summary should tell prospective clients about your cybersecurity background, the cybersecurity analysis services you provide, and how those services will help clients by meeting their needs and/or solving their problems.


You wil do the same for a business development specialized profile. Create a title like: Business Development Manager and add information to a summary that speaks to your track record as a business development manager, what business development or capture services you provide, and how it benefits clients.


Your cyber certifications look good, but you need to work on those titles, summaries and skill areas so that clients can better understand your services.

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Thank you, Clark.


I will make adjustment now.

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My strategy is never to send a proposal unless I can think of a clear reason that I will be a better option for the client than most of the others who respond.

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I delt with the same thing. I have a pretty broad skillset, but as a looked at jobs, applied to them, and observed what type of jobs got the most competition, I discovered which niche to concentrate on the most. I get responses to over half of my proposals for the most part because there are usually less than 10 applicants to the jobs that I choose to apply for. Your results may vary, but if you also have a broad skillset, concentrate on the areas where your skills are somewhat unique.

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