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Dear clients!!!!!!!!!! Must read.

I must confess that I am pretty intrigued by how Upwork works. Its a nice experience I have had so far. I joined somewhere around 2019 I guess. Since  then, I have only been active in this year 2022. This is owing to the contract time lapse from 2018 to December 2021 working as a trainer/Facilitator. During these years, I have gathered quite an experience worth recogning.

This brings us to the main purpose of this write up. I see each and every client looking for experience fleerancers, hold on! Upwork experience. However, iult must be known to the clients that before any Fleerancer earned those glomorous reviews and earnings, there was one bold client who trusted in them in the first place. Those fleerancers were once like us (less earnings and reviews yet). 

Therefore, I cry out to clients to not limit their search in already build up fleerancers. There is talent which is being missed in the new Upwork users. I sometimes look at how much talented I am to be ignored by clients who I pray that if they try my services just for once, surely they may have found a gem they have been searching for. I can write up to infirnity, but the main point is;

"Give us little trust and see how much we will amaze you will quality work. Be that client to start building our earnings and reviews so that you see us the way you need us to be"


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Thanks for sharing it. As these are the motive and struggling period of every freelancer. And want to say the same things to their clients but unable to say it. My suggestion will be for freelancer to focus on your skills and providing high quality work. Everything will come toward you as by product.

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