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December 26th Holiday in the US?

Hi just want to ask if any one knows if it is a holiday on the US IN THE 26TH? I was planning on withdrawing on the 26th just want to know if odesk and it bank would be able to process it on the 26th?


The 26th of December is not a US holiday. Beware of time zone differences in planning withdrawals.

Hi Just wanted to since I saw the bank holidays in the US, and 24th is not a holiday, I withdrew on the 25th (24th on the US) but it was not processed, is this normal? I am kinda hoping to get my money before the New Year ends :) Thanks!

If there are no intervening holidays, what local time do you usually receive your LFT process notification? Convert that time to US California time (PST). If the converted time falls on a US holiday, that may explain why it was not processed.

Hi Paul, Odesk just notified me about the processing 1:10 Am I hope to get the funds this friday.

no money...