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Deceptive clients

Community Guru

It seems that some clients are entering deceptive job details to game search filters. I've just looked at one, for a 1,000 word article with an estimated budget of $100. That's a reasonable rate and I'd be happy to bid on it. However reading the detailed description comes up with this gem:


"Bid at or below the $6 guideline"

If the client wants to pay $6 for a 1,000 word article then a) he's a cheap *preemptively edited for community guidelines* and b) He should enter an estimated budget of $6, instead of pretending he's willing to pay a proper fee. Is there anything I can report this individual for?

If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.― George Orwell

@Preston H wrote:


Speaking generally.... There will always be job postings we disagree with. They may or may not be in violation of Upwork rules. Some jobs we object to might be very much of interest to other contractors. Fergus did not like a job posting... But shortly after he mentioned it, a contractor (who is an attorney) even tried to apply to that job HERE in the forum. (I flagged her post and had it removed.)



"Disagree with"? "Object to"? Where did those come from? The subject was suspicion of fraud—which as it happens, is an official basis for reporting.


"May or may not be in violation..." Um, yeah. When we think something may be in violation, we report it—to the professionals Upwork employs to determine whether it's a violation or not. Obviously, we don't do this frivolously, arbitrarily, vindictively, or competitively. We do it because we want the site and its users to operate within the rules of the site and of applicable law.


If I see a medical student asking to have his school work done here, I'm really less concerned about the "interest" of the contractors willing to abet that academic fraud than I am about Upwork's institutionally abetting that fraud and all its attendant dangers. The complaints about that particular violation's being absent from the dropdown list are frequent and impassioned. Upwork's effective indifference is not about to deter me from continuing to report such solicitations for fraud.