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Decline Offer from client

Hi, I had been invited to a job posting then got interviewed, client sent me an offer. It's been 3 days since the offer sent but I did not yet accept and I'm planning to decline it because I think I am not the right fit for the project and I don't want to dissatisfied the client to the work if I did it. Beside he/she response so slowly. No dollar spent but payment verified, there's 2 active hires. over 34 job posted.

So I am planning to decline it. Does it affect my JSS or stats?

And how politely to say this to the client?

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Declining the offer is normal. 
But one note, if you want to decline or accept any invitation do it within 24 hours, as it increases your responsiveness here. 

Best wishes.

Yes I response within 24 hours, does it affect my JSS if I decline the offer?

No, I decline offers all the time and still have 100% JSS.

Thank you! Hopefully it does not affect mine too.

Don't worry this will not.

This has nothing to do with the responsiveness rate. Jelly Ann is about to decline an actual offer, not an invite. 

Hi Rahul,


Is is possible to decline customers at the Projects/Services session? So, at https://www.upwork.com/services/ if I have projects and a customer applies that is clearly not a good fit for me, am I able to reject that order?




Hello Aron,


Yes, you can cancel any project within 24 hours of the client submitting requirements without impact to your JSS. You can visit this page if you wish to learn more about how Project Catalog works. 

~ Luiggi
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Hi Luiggi,


Thank you so much for the clarification!




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Hi this is not about declining the invitation, it's job offer is what I'm declining.

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Just tell them you changed your mind. Anything is fine as long as you're polite and professional. It won't have any impact on your JSS - or anything else. 

Hi, thank you so much, having forum really helped me. I already declined the offer. Hopefully he understand. I explained to him already.

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You won't regret refusing an offer on a job or client you didn't think was a good fit for your skills, experience, etc. That's just a good business decision on your part. 


I am not aware of any component of your JSS calculation that is not directly related to each of your clients' public and , primarily, private feedback for you and your work. If you never have an Upwork contract with a prospective client then they can have no effect on your JSS. (If I am wrong in this assumption, I hope someone who knows better will chime in.)

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What about the milestone payment ! refund to wallet or not !

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