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Declined interview opened message room

Earlier today I declined an interview because I wasn't interested in the project. I also declined a couple of others after that. An hour or so later I received a new message in a message room that was the client's original invitation to the interview, and it showed that I had responded with the line "Go to the proposal." The proposal was linked to the original invitation I'd received showing that I had declined to respond.


This is very strange. First of all, because the interview was declined there should not have been a message room created. Secondly, the message popped up as if it were a new message. And finally, a response was generated that looked like I had written it. I don't know if the client is seeing the same thing as I am, but if so, he must be quite puzzled as to why I would respond to him with a "proposal" just to link it to my declining to submit a proposal.


Is this just a blip related to other message problems that have been happening lately? Anyone else experience this?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Nedra,


You are referring to the message room that shows at the top of the list in your Messages now, aren't you? Let me escalate it to the team. I don't think by design this room should have been created.

~ Valeria

Yes, though now it's the second item on the list. Thanks!

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