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Declining Job Posting Quality in Accounting/Consulting??

In the past 30 days I've noticed a sharp increase of questionable, incoherent and very low-quality job postings in the area of Finance/Accounting/Consulting.  Anyone else?


I'm a writer and I've noticed the same thing in my area. Fewer good jobs. More c****y jobs. I was wondering if it's seasonal or if the early signs of the economy crashing or if there's something else going on. Thanks for sharing this. Good to know it's not only my area.



Perhaps it is a sign that as the gig economy matures, more people are becoming aware of sites such as Upwork. They may not know how it works or how to write a job request but have read that they can find workers through the platform. It may also be a sign that competing platforms are failing and their customers are coming here. It could even be a sign that the economy is supporting more potential clients who previously could not afford to pay for services but are now seeking to begin purchasing entry-level services.