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Default agency contractor option please

Is there a way to make an agency contractor as a default one?

I have a couple of  agency contractors (freelancers), and currently in the "My Proposals" page they are all displayed in ascending order according to the freelancer name. My own name is on 2nd position. So each and every time while I surf there and archive some projects and while getting back to the same page automatically, it again goes to the 1st contractors proposals list page. 

Though it is an easy task to select my name from the pull down menu, it will be a good design if the page goes back to the same page / option from where it comes from.

Is there any option to fix this? I have checked everywhere, but couldnt find an answer.

Thanks in advance.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ramesh,


Just to clarify, are you referring to the way contractors' names are displayed in this drop down menu on Proposals page?



~ Valeria

Thanks and yes. 🙂

Thanks for clarifying, Ramesh. I'll share it with the team.

~ Valeria
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