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Delayed Payment BPI (March 21, 2015 withdrawal)

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Santiago G Member Since: Mar 10, 2015
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Advanced appologies to Ivy if you're feeling like we're "hijacking" your post. That's not our intention.


@ Alvin


Asyeno Kabayan Savings is the account with a nameless ATM card. It costed me P100 to open it, P100 in the account to keep it, a remittance 1 time per year (or else), and the usual IDs / fill out paperwork.... etc. Aim HIGHLY for avoiding the "or else"..... you won't like it. I had to go back a 2nd time to activate the online bank enrollment thingie. That was an entire 20mins.... there, done, and back home. They charge me ZERO to withdraw my money.


There's a different setup if you wanted to wait and go back. The difference is, your name IS on the ATM card and it takes 1 week to get that card. Otherwise, done in a few hours or less.


Once the account is opened, you change the PIN on your ATM and wait 24 hours. Once done, you can either use it the "guessing games" way or enroll it with their online banking. Go back to the bank branch, use their ATM to COMPLETE the enrollment, and finally wait 24 hours. Done.


There's no charge for checking your balance as well. The high suggestion is to end your "guessing games" and check your balance online before you go to get your money.


@ Reynaldo


You're right. BPI does work...... sometimes. That's why a friend of mine suggested it to me originally. But when I went there, it was nothing but problems and my time completely wasted by their employees that REALLY give off an impression that they plain don't want to be there rather than they know what they're doing.They couldn't even get the online part working.... at all. It was nothing short of ridiculous. Their employee trying to get that online balance check working had to go looking for help. Then she couldn't even get help.


In comparisons, BDO was vastly more "quick n painless" and the employees seemed to know a lot more about the entire setup according to what I wanted. Then gave me what I wanted and chatted + joked almost the entire time!! Yes, this was nice. Yes, this was also very awkward because my wife was there with me while these girls were busy chatting with me!! But as it turns out, it's all cool. My wife helps translate things. In case anyone hasn't spotted the it yet, I'm not exactly a "local" !! hehehehe  But yeah, we all had a good time there.


My friend using BPI told me, and BPI told me / confirmed it, it's a P5 charge for withdrawls on their ATMs. It's either P1 or P1.50 to check your balance, online or otherwise. Both banks charge P20 for using your own account on other ATMs. These are puny things really but in comparison to definate zero.... I'll go with the zero !! hahahaha


Repeating myself..... oddball things can happen at any given time. Sure enough, you're right and I caught good luck on this one. It could have easily gone disaster mode just like BPI did when thinking about it. Luckily that didn't happen.




By chance did you guys / girls try it at BDO or other banks here in the PH? I spotted another post elsewhere here saying Union Bank was fantastic. Clearly not the post here from Alvin.... but elsewhere I spotted that. Another person I know is using paypal in conjunction with a Smart Money Card.

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Alvin G Member Since: Mar 22, 2015
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Hello Santi. I see that BDO has a lot of benefits as mentioned . I think I want to post a thread here of "what is the best  ph bank here for freelancers".  So everyone of us can compare every bank, discuss their pros and cons and finally come up with a final one. Thanks for letting us know your experience in BDO, I appreciate it

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Lorelie L Member Since: Jun 26, 2015
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I have both BPI and BDO aacounts. The BPi transactional fees you talk about are applicable if you open an Easy Saver account. In the first place, that acount requires no maintaining balance so they make money per ATM transaction, even when you are withdrawing from a BPi machine. But if you get the regular deposit account that requires a maintaining balance and you are able to maintain it at Php2,000, there are only fees if you withdraw money from a non-BPI machine. The advantage of opening with BPi is that they definitely have the largest number of ATM machines in the entire country. 


If you open a BDO Kabayan account, there is no free for withdrawing only from a BDO ATM machine. When you're remittances stop for one year  because you stopped working in Upwork, you are required to maintain Php10,000 otherwise if you fall below maintaining balance , the fee is Php300.


No matter how little your deposits are in BPi they have the best online banking. Consider transacting with BDo then go back back to your transaction history after 3 months online , you won't see them because they are wiped up out but BPi retains it for a longer time. 

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Valerie Grace V Member Since: Dec 10, 2015
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Hi Santi


If I withdrew money from Upwork to BDO Kabayan on a Saturday, how long do you think it would take for the money to show on my BDO account (based on your experience)?