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Delayed Payment Issue

Hi Upwork Team,


I've been working through Upwork for almost a year and am now experiencing a problem for the 1st time. I  got paid my earnings every Wednesday and it usually takes 2-3 business day for it to show up in my bank account. Today is day 5 and I still haven't showed up. I was told if it doesn't show up in 8 business day then it will trace it for me. I'm hoping it shows up before then as I really really need my money.


I really hope this doesn't happen again. Thank you



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Hi, i have not received my 2 payments (April 6 and April 13) and it's been a weeks since I withdraw from Upwork. 😞

Hi Lani, 

I'll go ahead and ask the team to check your withdrawal for you. I wanted to double check if your withdrawals were made on April 4 and 11? 

~ Avery
Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm sorry to hear that, Jemabel. Please know that the recent local holidays in the Philippines may have affected your withdrawal to your local bank. Just the same, we'll go ahead and check this with the team.

~ Avery

Hi Avery,


Thanks! Please help to check and expedite as I am awaiting on my money. Holiday in our Country is only 1 day, last Monday, 9th April. I shouldreceive the money last Tuesday or Wednesday.



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