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Delays in job feed update

Guys, I have been facing a problem on oDesk for years. The job feed updates on my machines after 6/7 minutes. Which means I see a new job after 6/7 minutes from the time of posing.

You know there is a small text beside each job title that says “Posted x minutes ago”.
And when I apply to the job I see that there are already 10/12 person applied 3/4 minutes ago!
Even If I keep refreshing the browser every minute I still never see a value bellow 6/7. Worse last couple of months this value has gone to 9/12!

I had contacted the oDesk support team earlier but they could not provide any reasonable explanations.

I am a software developer and I feel that there is something going on in the servers may be regional servers. May be caching or CDN related issues or whatever.

So I would prefer if freelancers from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan can reply to this thread what experience they are having.


There had always been a lag of few minutes before we see a job. However "job sniping" (as I call it) had been rendered useless by the odesk algorithms as I think that we are now ranked by suitability instead of time of application. Not sure of it though. 

Aseem that might be the case. But there is another problem, some time I find that the some of the clients already started the interview for the job by the time my application is submitted. The keen clients who needs urgent fixes or delivery. So in those cases I do think the 10 minutes matters.


yes I am facing the same issue and my delay time is more than 12 hours. How can I fix it?

Hi Shoukat,


Please, make sure that you switch to My Job Feed tab and aren't currently looking at the Recommended Tab:



~ Valeria

I get delays in job feed 15-20min+ on my job feed tab

Hi Bhattarai,


Please, make sure you are on "My Job Feed" tab and not on the "Recommended" tab in order to see most recent jobs. You can also check this help article for more information.

~ Valeria



I feel same problem facing.  i see update job normaly 'Posted 20 minute ago'  But I have followed this method but now I see update job 'Posted 1 day ago'



please help me any one.

Best regards 


Hi Shihab,


Please, make sure you are in the My Job Feed tab and not in the Recommended tab. Also, check if your computer date and time are set correctly.

~ Valeria

I am also suffering from these delays. Always I see "Posted 7-25 Minutes Ago" between that range. I already chose "My Job Feed" and nothing changed, I also use the RSS feed service but with the same Result.
It is very annoying to me, and I think it is a serious problem, because when ever I tried to bid on a job I found "20-50" bids already posted before me and for that reason I not bidding any more!

Smiley Frustrated


I experience the same problem - 10-15 min delay.

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