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Delete Please

Please delete this thread. Thank you!

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Oh, ick. Sooner or later, we all run into these types. This is precisely the kind of situation the fb removal perk is designed for. Then again, I'm personally suspicious about usiing mine because I don't close contracts very often and it would take me a year or two to earn it back.


If a client's scathing comment is clearly inconsistent with an otherwise solid history, then IMO a calm and very brief comment by the FL can neutralize it and be better than the 'this feedback has been removed' note. For instance, Client team members were not on the same page about some issues that arose. Although in your profession, even saying that much might be poor form. That's your call.


If you hang onto your perk and leave it there (with a response of your own), it'll be sitting at the top of your history until you close enough other contracts to push it down the page. That could take a while, so it might be worth it to just get rid of it.


Fortunately, it's unlikely to knock your JSS below 90 unless it was a high dollar-value contract in which case it'll weigh more (although I'll feel better if Petra or someone with more experience about it weighs in). 


Welcome to the "I Knew I Should Have Steered Clear of Those Guys" club. Longtime member here!



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Now that you've decided how to handle this, I think you should delete this post. I would be concerned about violating confidentiality given that it is clear from your profile which client you are talking about. Though their name isn't listed, they're obviously an active Upwork user and it wouldn't be hard for someone to put together--particularly their other past clients.

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