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Delete hours tracked last week


Last week I made a mistake when adding manual time and tracked work hours choosing the wrong contract. Now I can´t delete the tracked time. I know how to edit or delete time but these options are not available when trying to delete hours tracked previous weeks. In my case, the last week. Could you, please, help me to solve this issue before the wrong company gets charged?



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I'm sorry you are facing this problem.

You already know that you can't delete last week's work diary segments.


MAYBE it is possible that an Upwork Customer Support representative will help you with this.

I don't know.


What I DO KNOW is that if you want to, you CAN take care of this yourself without contacting Upwork Customer Support.


It IS POSSIBLE for you to contact the client who will be mischarged now, explain using no more than two sentences what happened, and issue a refund to him without even waiting for a response.


I am both a freelancer and a client on Upwork. But even if I was only a client, I myself would certainly be understanding and accepting of such a gesture. I wouldn't be mad. I think most clients would be fine if you did this, and they would be perfectly satisfied that you rectified the error in this manner.

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