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Delete old account and make newone?

My friend created an Upwork account and completed the ID verification successfully. However, the face verification process failed, and despite attempting video call verification, that also failed for some reason. Can they delete their current account and create a new one instead?

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No, that's not allowed. Tell your friend to contact support. If they're failing the ID verification on this profile, why would it be easier with a new profile anyway? They'd have the same problem.

It can be easier if next time after making new account upwork verify his account in first try without proceeding to video verification

They ask everyone for video verification as soon as they've earned some money, so he would have had to do it eventually anyway.

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How many time he can retry?



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Hi Bilqees,

I request you provide the exact reason for the deletion of your old Upwork account. Understanding the root cause behind the account deletion will help you identify and resolve the problem effectively. Additionally, this information may offer a potential solution for retrieving your friend’s Upwork account.

Furthermore, you should be aware that Upwork does not permit the creation of a new account using the same ID proof. Therefore, it is essential for you to comprehend the reason behind the account deletion to explore suitable alternatives.
Please feel free to contact me if any further information is required.

Kind Regards,







Hi Bilqees,


Thank you for your message. I am sorry to hear about your friend's account. As Christine pointed out, making a new account is not the right solution to this issue. It is against the TOS to create multiple accounts or new accounts to avoid the consequences on the old account and it could result in permanent action on all accounts. I would advise your friend to reply to the support ticket on their account and follow the steps correctly to fix the issues on their account.


Thank you,


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