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Delete old accounts

Hello, please kindly help me,

I created 2 accounts few months ago, now I don't remember its email address and password.

At that time, I was not familiar upwork  So Now I created my new account
I had violation issue in that kindly help me.
I just want to delete my old accpunts , because i don't want to lose my new profile because now I want to start a career here.

so kindly solve my issue.

My Old accounts:-



Community Member

Hey Hamdy,


It is strongly against the rules to have multiple profiles on Upwork.

To have access to your old accounts, just try the " Forgot password?" option.


Best of luck!

i do understand that having multiple accounts is against the rules that's why I really need to delete them like right now 🙂
yup ... i tried everything  to log in and close in but i really don't have access to them any more 😞

Well, I guess only support can help you.
This is why everyone should, or more likely has to read the terms and policy before signing up.

how to contact them 🙂 ?!

Just go to the "?" sign near the notifications, then help and support. Open a ticket using the green "Get Help" button in the corner.

Hope this helps!


thnx alot


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