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Deleted Job


Hello Freelancer


I have just received a message from Upwork with the following text:


This job was not in compliance with our Terms of Service

Hi Michael
We wanted to let you know that a job you submitted a proposal for, has been removed from our marketplace.
In order to protect the safety and trust of the Upwork marketplace, we remove job posts when we learn that they do not meet our Terms of Service.
As a reminder, receiving payments from a client outside of the Upwork platform is against our Terms of Service and could result in permanent account suspension. If a client requests to pay you outside of Upwork, please report it to Customer Service.
We appreciate your understanding and want you to know that this does not negatively affect your rating. No further action is needed.


I find the last two sentences especially strange. I have never had any contact with the client. And I haven't done anything else wrong either. I just made a proposal on Upwork.

If everything is alright, then why this message?


Thank you for your answers.


Sunny Greetings

Community Guru

Hi Micheal, I believe you are fine, nothing to worry about. This message is a justification for why the job you submitted a proposal for was deleted. I think the client shared his contact information in the post and was willing to take the work outside Upwork, which is against the TOS.

And Indeed, I think it is some kind of stupidity to take the work outside of Upwork, aside from that this is unethical, but also it is very risky for both the client and the freelancer. 


Back to your question...You didn't do anything wrong, however, the Client did that's why his post was deleted. Nothing you need to do on your side. Just apply for more jobs and Good luck.

Thank you so much for your answer.


Have a nice weekend.

Don't worry about it, keep going Michael!


There is no way to keep any of the freelance platforms 100% free of scammers.


Luckily you didn't suffer from it!