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Deleting Bad Reviews - A discussion

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Noah L Member Since: Aug 19, 2015
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Hi there!


Let me just start by saying that I personally don't have any negative feedback or bad reviews on Upwork. As a Recruiter, I've noticed that some Freelancers have a beautiful work history with 5 star reviews and top ratings but occasionally have a bad experience with negative feedback. Although Upwork allows you to defend yourself and insert your side next to the feedback, it is still there and remains for all to see and judge. In these cases, I like to give the benefit of doubt to the Freelancer. I know that occasionally a client stops communicating, or changes their mind about what they want or adds duties not originally discussed. This can make for a tough relationship and one that probably won't continue. 


Now it should be said that the most successful projects start with both parties discussing the entire scope of the project in detail. But for those times when you've done everything you can and the client has let the freelancer down. When the only thing to do is to cut your losses and find a new project, any negative feedback should not follow you for your whole freelance career. 


I propose Upwork adds the option to delete, remove or in some way minimize negative feedback after 1 year of posting. The negative feedback will still serve its intended purpose of informing potential clients of your recent work history. If the freelancer makes a habit of doing poor work, it will show, for a whole year. If a freelancer made a mistake and has learned from it, the mistake will still affect them for a whole year. After a year, let it go...


Please add your thoughts and feelings to this and hopefully someone from Upwork will take notice. Even if the result isn't exactly what I propose, I do feel there should be some change along these lines.

Thank you!

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Daniel C Member Since: Nov 21, 2010
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Aggregation will solve the problem automatically. 

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Garrett M Member Since: Feb 13, 2015
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So basically, the job must have been a 3 star job, because it only took me 3 star skills to complete it... lmao. The guy was mad because i wouldn't do extra work. plain and simple. He was slow and unresponsive as well. drug a few hour job out over 3 days due to his lolly gagging.

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Elvis M Member Since: Aug 15, 2013
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I have one of those as well. The client actually changed my hourly rate in the middle of the contract, and was mad when I didnt want to work for half of the agreed summ. Now there is the option to refund him and have his rating deleted, but I just dont feel like doing so.

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Noah L Member Since: Aug 19, 2015
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See, just like that. There needs to be some alternative and some real recourse if you get a bad client. If you have a bad experience at an employer, most people leave it off of their resume. You may need to use it for a year or so to explain a period of time in your work history, but ultimately you can leave it off and it have no effect on current or future jobs. I just think there should be a non-punitive way to end a bad contract or leave a bad client.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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You don't need to refund that client.


And refunding that client so that you have a zero-dollar contract will probably hurt your job score more than if you have a not-so-great feedback rating, but the contract was closed and feedback WAS provided.


And you can simply add a comment to the client's feedback, letting potential new clients know what you told us:

The client cut your hourly rate in half and was unhappy when you were unwilling to continue working at half the originally-agreed-upon rate.


Most clients are reasonable people, and they understand that some other clients are unreasonable or unprofessional. Keep your tone neutral and your comments brief, and clients won't hold this against you if they review your job history.

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Noah L Member Since: Aug 19, 2015
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As things are now, I agree that is the best course of action. As a Recruiter, searching for Freelancers, I weigh their response with Client feedback, because I know that there are at least 2 sides to every story. I'm more interested in a discussion about if Freelancers would LIKE an option to delete negative feedback, potentially after a year or some arbitrary grace period. If people weigh in and this becomes a popular thread, Upwork may take notice.

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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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It used to be that if a freelancer did not leave feedback for a client, then the client's feedback would not be shown. There was also the option to hide the comments (if not the low star-rating) on bad feedback.


I think the hidden judgements are completely counterproductive. A freelancer needs to know where he/she has gone wrong  - especially if stats suddenly plummet. And likewise, clients should be made aware that to answer Upwork's questionnaires irresponsibly or  emotively, because they are in a hurry, or having a bad day, or irritated by Upwork's insistence and 'in your face' tactics, can be extremely detrimental to not only the success of the freelancer, but also to their mental wellbeing.


Upwork needs to address the political correctness of how they manipulate their product - the freelancer.

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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@Nichola L wrote:

1) It used to be that if a freelancer did not leave feedback for a client, then the client's feedback would not be shown.


2) There was also the option to hide the comments (if not the low star-rating) on bad feedback.

 1) No, that was never ever the case. If moneywas paid and one party left feedback that feedback WILL show and always has done either when the other party alsoleft feedback, or when 14 days from the time the contract ended had past.


At no point in time did feedback not (eventually) show if the other party didn't leave any. It just takes 14 days, that's all. This is to make sure that feedback is double blind and people can't leave revenge feedback by waiting to see what feedback they received and then leaving their own accordingly.


2) Yes, that was indeed a feature and Iamglad it's gone and was replaced by the ability to comment on feedback.

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Yogesh T Member Since: Jun 23, 2015
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I agree with Noah. As a freelancer i have very bad experience with client. Client wrote so much bad reviews about me, its like he catered a long false story about me and posted as reviews on upwork. I think upwork should facilitate an button to delete that particular job, review and its history from freelancers profile. If upwork is providing clients to change their feedback then why not Upwork is facilitating the delete or hide rating and review button.
I strongly beleive that upwork should re-think on this as its really nightmare for any freelancers to have bed false reviews on profile which prevents or make hard for them to get new opportunities. I am really disappointed with this

Yogesh Trivedi
Magento Developer