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Deleting Bad Reviews - A discussion

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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@Reginne Camille C wrote:
. I was given a good rating at first when they suddenly learn about my bad rating to them they immediately changed it and make stories.

 Unless you physically enabled the client to change the feedback the client can not have done so themselves. Once feedback has been left it is final (unless the other partyenables the change) so it is unlikely that the client left good feedback at first and then changed it to bad feedback after seeing your feedback to them.


If you want the feedback to vanish you can refund what was paid, but be aware that whatever impact that contract had on your Job Success Score will remain whether you refund or not.

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Kerri B Member Since: Dec 7, 2015
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Here's my take on it: I hada contractor tell me they spoke English. They didn't and didn't say as much until after the job was awarded to them. We worked through it as we happened to have someone on staff who spoke the same language. Then after requesting edits for typos, I got a little pushback from the freelancer. I rated Communication for this person a 3 of 5. They now are asking me to change that rating to a 5.


I have a problem with that. If I change it to all 5's, am I not hindering other people in the selection process? I want to do right by the freelancer, but not at the expense of ethics.


What's the right call here from a freelancer's perspective?



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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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That contractor is totally out of line by asking for you to change the feedback score.


What you do is up to you.


There are three options that I would totally respect:


- Politely respond to the freelancer: "I believe the feedback was very fair (perhaps too fair), and it is not our policy to change feedback scores."


- Completely ignore the freelancer and block them from contacting you further.


- Tell the freelancer that you will agree to change the score, as long as they understand that you are not making promises about what you will change it to. Then make the score lower.

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Kerri,


I am sorry about this situation. Your feedback to freelancer should be an honest representation of your experience working with that freelancer. Please, note that according to Upwork Policies "attempts to falsify feedback, manipulate, or coerce another user by threatening negative feedback are strictly prohibited, as is any offer to sell or buy services in exchange for positive feedback." Please, report freelancers trying to do it to Customer Support.

~ Valeria
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Kathy T Member Since: Jul 17, 2015
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Feedback is given for a reason, especially if the freelancer did not preform what was required of them. At times, for whatever reason, you get a client who got out of the bed on the wrong side and will give you a low feedback for whatever reason. When that happens, it's obvious that a llow/bad feedback review in a sea of excellent reviews will not deter future jobs. And if you respond to that feedback in a professional way, it will do more good then harm.


What I would like to see is:

1. Feedback for BOTH parties prohibited if a dispute arises. It's a no brainer that the loser of that dispute will leave bad feedback and measures of preventing that should be in place on this site.

2. Complete removal of the behind the scenes feedback. Why is there 2 feedback sections for the client to fill out. What is the purpose?

3. If there is documentation on the freelancers side that a client is blackmailing them by wanting them to refund their money or they will leave a bad review - for Upwork to ACT on that ASAP.The freelancer is being blackmailed and besides that, it's extortion. Feedback from that client should be immediately blocked.

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Suzi E Member Since: Nov 19, 2018
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Your suggestions are wonderful and I completely agree.


I had a client try to hold my review hostage telling me:

  • I'll give you a good review if you give me the work for free.



  • I'll give you a neutral review if you give me the work for half price.

When I reported this to Upwork (because I don't want another freelancer to experience the same thing), MY FUNDS WERE FROZEN for several weeks. My Success Score dropped from 96% to 89%.


I've been working with Upwork since May. The client was new to the platform. Yet, UPWORK PUNISHED ME for his bad behavior. That's insane!


I think the correct behavior for Upwork should be:

  • Immediately when the freelancer gets such a threat, Upwork should have a conversation with client to ensure that they know that behavior is not tolerated on this platform.
  • Upwork should determine whether the client is unethical or simply not knowledegable about right behavior/Terms of Service.
  • Client should not be allowed to retaliate by putting in a dispute over funds when they have threatened a freelancer in this way.
  • In no case should all the freelancer's funds be frozen. I can understand freezing the funds on that specific job, but not on all jobs for all clients (including the Freelancer Plus subscription). That's wrong, punitive, and counterproductive to freelancers reporting client bad behavior. 
  • This sort of thing should be top priority for Support to handle immediately. It should not drag on for weeks or months.

Upwork has so many wonderful clients. It really leaves a bad feeling for the freelancer whose intention is to create and support a safe community for freelancers.


What freelancer would ever want to report unethical client behavior (to protect others) if they are going to be the one to suffer the negative effects?





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Juvy Ann P Member Since: Oct 29, 2015
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A traditional work engagement may deal with the power of referrals from previous employers.  I reckon that client reviews which are displayed at every freelancer's profile serve this purpose.  I think that reviews such as these are subjective in nature.  I will not push an attempt to eradicate not-so-good reviews in my profile because I believe that there are clients who are able to rely on their first-hand experience with me as the freelancer rather than from a "word of mouth" of another client.  I believe that these types of clients are worthy of my respect as much as those who leave balanced reviews in my profile.  As for the not-so-good reviews, the only power that I have towards such a humiliating challenge is to defend myself by stating that I disagree with the client's perception or judgment of my capabilities and wish them well with their business endeavors minus myself in the picture.

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Ray C Member Since: Jun 17, 2015
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I had a client who seemed very reasonable. Explained what was needed and showed me the old logo design that my design would be replacing. the client mentioned that she did not think there was anything wrong with the old design. But her boss wanted something new. I have to say their old logo was embarrassingly bad. the fact that she was fine with it should have been my first warning flag.

So I spent a goodly amount of time doing a very detailed illustrative logo of exactly what she asked for, ran it by a few of my peers as i often do and everyone thought it was great. I even did some roughs of two other treatments. but the first idea was really good. I was sure she would love it. Submitted it to the client. No response for almost 2 weeks

finally the client comes back telling me, essentially, what she originally asked for was not working and she wanted to change it. I did not complain but i did mention that what she was now asking for was not going to work well and sent them references that corraborated that.

What she wanted now (without divulging the clients identity) was the equivalent of a portrait on a wall seen the the window of a house that was a half inch tall!

No response for a few days. So I drew a rough pencil sketch of a possible solution. This was the first positive feedback i got, she loved the pencil sketch. That should have been my second warning flag.

I then spent a lot of time meticulously illustrating a completely new logo based on the pencil sketch and when it was 90 % done showed it to her just to make sure. She was very unhappy. And now she made another change to the design that was so absurd it was all i could do to not laugh. It involved a tiny detail that would have been impossible to see. I calmly explained that it would be impossible to (again I'm changing it to something equivalent to what she asked for) add a mustache to the person in the portrait on the wall seen through a window of a house that was a half an inch tall!!!!

The client was irked and said she didn't think we wee on the same page! Still i remained calm.

She then ended the contract. although she paid me in full she left me a bad rating tarninshing my perfect 5 stars rating. I realized later that she was calling herself a designer in her title which i had not seen before and the horrible logo that she thought was fine was her design! I can't be positive but it all made sense. So I was penalized for doing too good a job and she was doing everything she could to stump me. Probably subconsciously, but the long delayed responses, the major concept changes, the 10 micron mustache, what else could it be?

I really feel that rating should be expunged because i was so patient with her and did everything she asked, well except the mustache. And i worked way too many hours on the job to refuse payment.

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Lisa W Member Since: Nov 14, 2015
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I haven't received a bad review, but I admit that reading the horror stories makes me paranoid that every slightly strange interaction with a client might lead to a bad review. I think this will fade as time passes, but it does seem like bad reviews on here affect people even more than in the B&M world.


The biggest frustration, at least from a new freelancer's perspective, is that I'm being constantly told that Upwork is not my employer, merely a facilitator allowing me to connect with clients on a platform that provides a secure way to receive payment. However, they also take it upon themselves to judge feedback (i.e., letting a client say whatever they want, thus legitimizing it and allowing private badmouthing to affect the JSS). If Upwork is truly just a facilitator, they should have no power over feedback. A freelancer outside of Upwork (based on a few of the opportunities I've been offered) can choose to add a certain job to a resume. No jobs=no experience, and has its own consequences. Here, I'm forced to accept that any client, good or bad, can tank my freelancing opportunities and my own response may or may not be taken seriously. That's a lot of power taken away from me as a freelancer.


I really like Upwork so far and I've been successful here, but I'll admit that there are a lot of negatives that cause more paranoia than any 'faciliator' should.


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eloisa p Member Since: Feb 7, 2016
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Good day I just want to know how to delete my account because I cant open my account with a yahoo email. I replaced it with a gmail email (a new account).  What will I do?