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'Deposit This Check' Scam Circulating

A few days ago, I submitted a proposal for a job offering $30 an hour. They messaged me asking for an interview and linked me to some strange messaging site I'd never seen. I thought 'all right, this seems too good to be true but I'll take a crack at it'. The interview was over text (red flag) and took about an hour. The next day they sent me hiring documents that looked very legitimate and asked for a digital signature. I complied and sent the documents back. They then told me I'd need specific products for the work (Macbook, iPad, various software, et cetera). Claimed they would send me a check over email for $2,399 to purchase all of the things they listed. Insisted that I used mobile deposit and asked me to send a screenshot when I was done. Waaaaait a second, hold on - that got sketchy fast. Please do not accept any forms of payment outside of Upwork that require any of your information or ask you to deposit a check.


Luckily, I called my bank before depositing although at that point I was pretty much done with this guy anyway. Read more about this type of scam here.


Again, be careful out there. 


Hi Jacob,


I'd like to look into this for you. Could you please share more information via PM by clicking on my name? Thank you!

~ Joanne
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