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Designers verification problem

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Sergey I Member Since: Aug 21, 2017
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Hello! Could you help with the problem that has happend with my wife's account verification. We both have registered our Upwork accounts.

As my wife's account is not verified, she can not ask the question for herself.

That's why I quote her question.

Thank you in advance!



Hello! My name is Ekaterina.

About a week ago I’ve registered my Upwork account as I wanted to apply my design skills on an international platform.

I have filled my profile 100% and verified my Payoneer card. Firstly, there was a problem: I have made a mistake in my second name English transcription, but later the correction was accepted.
Since that time I've made a lot of attempts, but my profile is still not verified.

I do not know what to do, I have searched, read and used advices and tips about Upwork account verification. I even tried to change the direction of activity completely for business coaching and training in the settings. I do have such skills and they are confirmed by a number of certificates but I would like to continue working as a designer (it is very important for me)). Nothing helps, Upwork does not verify my account.

The whole problem is that I work in a team of developers with my husband at his friend. We have set a goal: to develop our accounts, and then (after a number of completed orders) to create an agency. But because of my account, the plan can’t come true.

At the moment my profile doesn’t look specific (I have read and followed Upwork advice that it is important to highlight my niche. Unfortunately, it didn’t work), but it presents all the services I really can like to provide to my future Upwork customer.

Please tell me, what could be the matter and how can I improve my profile?


My account:
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Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Unfortunately, we won't be able to discuss the status of your wife's account here in the Community. Please, refer her to the notification she sees when she view's her profile.


Generally, when someone registers to join Upwork we carefully review their profile to determine whether there is sufficient need for their skills and experience. Unfortunately, at times there are enough freelancers with a particular skillset in the marketplace and we do not accept the registration.

~ Valeria

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