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Despite being top rated and maintaining a 100& JSS, client response has immensely decreased

Hi. So in general, I assumed that once I'm top rated, I'd be having more responses from clients as I have a JSS of 100% too. But it didn’t happen and rather I'm getting even less response I believe and this is sort of making me worry. I'm not even being invited that often and I don't understand what's wrong. This is disheartening because it's not easy to maintain the reputation so consistently and I'm expecting a sustainable work momentum at this point. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. 


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Have you changed your rate after being top rated?

Being top rated does not automatically lead to anything, IMO. Maybe your profile looks less attractive to cheaper clients now. Maybe you will attract better paying clients in the future. But in order to do that, stay consistent with your hourly rate, don't change it too much, don't work for wildly fluctating rates. 

Hello Martina. Hope you're doing good!

No, I haven’t changed my rate after being top rated. But I did work for a contract that paid me much less hourly rate which I agreed to considering the scope of work. Thank you for the advice. I'd keep this in mind.

If you truly want to grow your profile, you need to watch the optics very carefully. Why should people hire you at your profile rate when you worked for a fraction of it just recently? A client that looks for two seconds at your profile neither knows the backstory, nor cares. 

You certainly can recover from the mixed message your profile is sending right now. 

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The same thing is happening to me, and I see many people complaining about it on Reddit's Upwork sub.


I'm also top-rated, with a 100% JSS, and I'm not getting any responses to my proposals lately. It's very frustrating because I spend much time creating customized proposals, and it now feels like it's all for naught.



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By all means ask for what you believe you're worth, but a lot of people are willing to do what you do for half the price or less and sadly, a lot of clients will take cheap over quality every time. 

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