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Did I mess up? What went wrong?

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Heather B Member Since: Jul 15, 2014
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I am new to oDesk, in fact I just started this month and just started working on my first gig this last week. I applied for the job, wrote a sample piece of writing, and soon I was hired. I was told that I would be paid per article, which is fair. My first two articles were accepted and my client even gave me an advance just to ensure that I am working with a credible person who will pay me for my work. I have over twenty pieces that needed to be done. Being that I was prepaid for over half of them I had no problem getting right down to work. Today more pieces were sent to my client, and they essentially told me the opposite of what they said to me at the beginning. Now, my writing is not adequate enough, which, in my opinion is untrue as I spent way more time and effort into the pieces I submitted today. Currently, I am talking with my client and working with them to see if there is anything that can be done to rectify the situation. This is my first oDesk gig, and I would like to make it a positive one. Any feedback, or relatable stories are welcomed. Thanks!