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Did Not Receive Connects After Responding to Two Different Job Interviews


I applied to, and got interviews with two different jobs yesterday (more than 24 hrs passed) for which I have not received connects. Can you look into it please?


Hi Shahid,


Thank you for your message. Please allow 24-48 hours for the Connects to be credited to your Upwork account. Feel free to message us if you do not receive Connects after 48 hours.


Thank you,



Thank you


It has been almost 48 hours, and I have not received the connects yet.

Hi Shahid,


I have checked your account and I can confirm that your Connects have been awarded back to your account today (April 26th). You can check your Connect history for more details.


~ Arjay
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I AM looking at the connects history, and I can tell you that I still have not received the connects for one  job I applied to on 23rd April. I had won that interview and job but never got the connects back for this job.

Jobe title: **edited for Community Guidelines**

Recheck on your end again

Hi Shahid, 

I want to clarify this for you. To win interview Connects, the following has to happen: 

  1. Submit a proposal for a job.
  2. Win an interview with a client.
  3. Respond and win a bonus!

In this case, you were directly sent an invitation to submit a proposal. In this case, you do not win Connects. The story I outlined above should be followed to win Connects for interviews. Freelancers will not win Connects when clients directly reach out and request a proposal. 

I hope that clarifies things. 

~ Avery

Dear Avery,

(The job under consideration has title **Edited for Community Guidelines**


I have checked my notifications, email, and messages. I think you're grossly mistaken about me receiving invitation and then submitting a proposal.

I actually submitted a proposal (without receiving any invitation), got the interview, and won the job. Just like story you outlined above. I have checked my messages and there's no invitation of the job under discussion.

When invited to a job, I must receive a message like below (an example of another job, for which I was invited)


**Edited for Community Guidelines**


I have double checked my messages and I am sure I didn't receive any invitation to the job under discussion. Therefor, I would request you to check again and credit the connects due for this job.


Hi Shahid,


Thank you for following up. I shared your concern with our team and one of our agents already reached out to you directly via a support ticket to assist you further. You can access your ticket on this page.


~ Nikola
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