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Did not get Client

Hello Team,


I started working on Aprill 2019 and I got 3 Jobs. and I have a 94% Job success score, Reviews also good. Now, when I am applying for the jobs I am not getting any replies from clients at all. I have wasted already many dollars I have used all connect in last 1 months but didn't get a reply from any client. what's wrong with my Upwork profile. Please kindly give advice.






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Hi Jalpa,


I looked over your profile, and it looks great. It is professional, and sets good expectations for a client. I'm sorry to hear you haven't heard back from any of your proposals, I know how terrible that can feel. 😞  Without knowing all of the details of the jobs you applied to, I can't offer advice to guarantee replies. I will offer my limited opinions though.


- If the proprosals are US based, the client may be dinging minor grammar issues on your profile (very fixable)

- Your profile shows you have an active contract, and there are a lot of hours on it. Some clients might think you aren't available for fulltime work. Are you only applying to fulltime positions?

- Your industry is HIGHLY compeitive and sometimes it is really out of your control as to whether a client replies. Just keep applying. (This answer sucks the most, I'm sorry.)

- File a support ticket with UpWork requesting confirmation that your messages are being received. Highly unlikely, but there could be an issue with your messages. 


Good luck! 🙂

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