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Did payments just get earlier/quicker?

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Rene,


We confirmed that this isn't a bug. We continue testing ways to make earnings available to freelancers sooner. The money was released to you earlier as a part of that test.

~ Valeria
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Maria Marilyn M Member Since: Oct 27, 2010
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This happened to me once last year. It was supposedly a beta test. It happened again recently, last month like most of you. I hope this becomes a permanent feature. Smiley Happy

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Rene K Member Since: Jul 10, 2014
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It seems client or contract related. I had the same thing again with the next milestone from the same client and same contract.

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Tiffany S Member Since: Jan 15, 2016
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@Cristina C wrote:

My earnings have been recently withheld 1 week longer than usual. Upwork really knows how to push our buttons, testing different types of ridiculous features, coming up with excuses when gets caught, playing with our feelings at random times...


I have finished my weekly work on March 1, but my earnings are still pending (it's already March 15). It's not even that big of amount. Come on, release it already!

 That sounds exactly right. Hours from March 1 would go into client review the following Monday(technically Sunday night, March 5, in the U.S.) and then the client has through Friday, March 10 to review. Standard five day hold applies and the funds become available on Wednesday, March 15 (although, again, if you're in the U.S. that actually happens tonight).