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Did the broken stuff just cost me a job or what?

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Santiago G Member Since: Mar 10, 2015
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I think I got hired. I'm not really sure because I know there have been various problems with the notifications and messaging systems.


I applied for a particular job somewhere during mid to late June. Just yesterday (June 8) a message showed up on My Job Feed saying I was hired for it. No interview or anything. Just hired. Well, ok. No big deal there. That no interview most likely would have saved both of us some time.


The problem is, I have no idea WHEN I was hired.


I sent a message along with clicking the accept button to give the info that was requested so an account could be setup for me (writing and blog posting and the such). I sent another message directly after clicking the accpet button asking the client when the hire was sent because the dates showing on the job post and it's last viewed are rather far apart compared to finding the message/notification that I was hired. No reply from the client.


I have been logging in DAILY because I'm working with another client on a gaming site (writing/posting/etc). Same kind of setup.... the client created an account for me, I do the work.... no problem there. But there's NO CHANCE I would have missed/overlooked BEING HIRED in that much time. When I looked at the job post again, it shows the job was posted 18 days ago. Last Viewed was 15 days ago. 2 hires. The message showed up yesterday. I didn't see anything for a date as to when it was sent.


By the looks of those dates, Upwork just COSTED me a job that could have turned out either fun and/or very cool to have. Exactly the reason I applied for it to begin with. And that's from a client which is showing as spent OVER $10,000 already. No, that's really not seen as a fake / scam client after spending that much. True, it's wasn't a large amount of money for the job. The "fun and/or very cool" to that job would have made up for that EASILY in my opinion of the job. And it absolutely would have been better compared to LOSING IT by not knowing about it because the dates, messages, and notifications are screwed up. So now it's looking like a complete loss.


And yes, I am qualified for the work (which does explain why I got hired without an interview!! ). Otherwise, I'd find it to be a completely pointless waste of time and my own connects to even try. My own common sense would have told me not to bother.


So what gives? Are things here THAT seriously broken now or what?

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Jean S Member Since: Oct 22, 2007
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That is just so sad. It's hard enough getting a job here but to lose one that one is just beyond comprehension.

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Santiago G Member Since: Mar 10, 2015
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And people wonder why they're not getting hired? Quite a few of them I have seen have rather long and nice looking profiles too.


A 2 WEEK delay in finding out that you got an interview and/or hired would explain it. Broken much Upwork?



@ Jean


What bugs the snots outta me is that it could have turned out to be something fun and/or very cool for a job. Because of that, I didn't care that much about the money involved. I knew it wasn't that awful much for the work but the job wasn't that large too.


And POOF... gone because notifications and messages are messed up. Said systems that were repeatedly posted about for qutie some time already. So it's not like these problems are anything new. Not by any means. So now as it stands, I'm not getting replies from two clients.


Spectacular? Yup!! In a good way? No chance.