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Didn't get hired for long time...

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Ashiqur R Member Since: Dec 8, 2014
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Hello Everyone,I am Ashik.

It is so much frustrating for me that I got no invitation or hired for any job.It's been a long time.I just need some suggestion from you.

When I first got my first job in upwork it was really good and work smoothly.But suddenly my client stopped response me and also his account got blocked by upwork.I wait for him so many time but he didn't response than I had to close the project for his irresponsibility.

I got a job also in Elance platform.After some work he also didn't give me any response.Now elance and upwork merged and this job is showing in my profile.

My client luck like they first work with me,give some good pay and suddenly stop communicate without any reason.

After accepting this situation and looking for hire I am applying many more job but they didn't click well for me.

Why this happend? Please give me some advice.

Yeah,I updating my skill day by day and love to learn new thing.

This is my profile:

Please help guys.It's really depressing


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Tanzeel Z Member Since: May 26, 2015
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I just checked your profile. It is great. In last few days, gs are really messed up at Upwork. I am a top-rated freelancer but did not get any invitation in last week. I can assume that it is a problem with the website. Be specific when you apply to jobs. Provide a key reason why the employer should hire you. Look for a job that will be immediately started.


You'll feel a little relaxed if you get one job and hopefully, you'll start receiving some invitations and replies. Also change your job category. Check out jobs in other categories too. I am not sure if any of these will help. I just tried these tips myself and got one really small project. I hope things will get better soon.