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Didnt Receive Right Amount on my Withdrawal.



i want to ask why i didnt recieve a right amount of conversion on my last withdrawal.


This never happen to me before, i got 1/4 cut without any notice or other information after my upwork cut.


can you guys help me?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Basit, 

I checked and wanted to confirm if you are referring to this transaction - Ref ID# 288704380? Could you please confirm if you are saying that the money that was remitted to your bank was less than what was noted in the Payment Confirmation email that was sent to you? 

~ Avery
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Yes, from the confirmation of upwork i will be receiving is
around 1.989.000,- IDR/140$

But what upwork ftransfered me is 1.350.000,-/95$
Yes it is far les from the payment confirmation, usually if the third party
have a fee , they usually charge only around. 100,000,- IDR / 7$

Please help me....
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