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Different account names


I have a query. The bank account associated with Upwork belongs to my father and so the name on that account and the name of my Upwork account do not match and hence my payment method has been deactivated. Can someone please tell me how am I supposed to get a manual review this issue so that it(hopefully) can be resolved ASAP?

Thank you,

Danyaal Shehzad.

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Danyaal,

In order to be able to add a payment method, the method will need to be issued on your name or your name to be listed as a beneficiary name. 
Could you clarify if your name is listed as a beneficiary name on the method you`re referring to? Thank you.

~ Goran


Thank you for the quick response. The thing is, I'm new to Upwork so I don't exactly know what the term "beneficiary name" refers to. Upwork deactivated my payment method because the bank account name is different as compared to the Upwork account name owing to the fact that the bank account belongs to my father. I just need a solution to that problem. I hope I clarified whatever it was you were wanting to know.

Thank you!

Hi Danyaal,


Please note that you can only use a bank account that's in your name or is a joint account that has your name on it as a withdrawal method. As long as it matches the name on your profile (your name,) you should be okay. If your father's account is only on his name, you won't be able to use it as your withdrawal method on your Upwork account!


Thank you!

~ Bojan
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