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Difficult Client Situation Question

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Bruce D Member Since: Oct 1, 2015
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David, that's a challenge I've run into more than once.   It probably comes up more on development projects than others.  These are cases where it's not a question of generating bad results or deceiving anyone, but of designing something so poorly that it will be expensive to develop and maintain.


For me, if it's a matter of totally violating a principle of my vocation, I won't do it.  An example is putting repeating groups in a table design.  That's on the level of basic self-respect, just as a builder would refuse to make steps out of papier mache.  


On less fundamental disagreements, such as interface design, I may think I have a better way, but it's always the client's project.  You make your best case, then go along with his/her preference.


Fortunately, fundamental disagreements often come out during discussion prior to project start.  In the rare case that there a really bad disagreement in the middle of the project, it may be better to bow out and refund, which I have done.