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Difficult client

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Marieta C Member Since: Mar 3, 2014
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Hello! I never had this problem before. I'm working on a logo, fixed price of 70$, with 50% upfront payment. Ok, so, I've sent 3 samples in the begining, for some reason client's account got suspended, after 2-3 weeks it was activated again and we continued on with the work. Client said he doesnt like the samples. I asked for directions what exactly he doesnt like/ what type of logos he likes, so i get the idea of what he likes/doesnt like. I made a few personalized fonts (its a singer logo), as well as some other designs, in total from the start of the project until now- about 15 designs, 1 month after I sent them, he responded and said he doesnt like them. You can imagine how much time was spent into this. I never had this problem before- but this was a lot of work put into something, and if he just doesnt like anything I do, I wonder if I should continue with the project at all. My question is- if i close contract and give a refund right after, will he be able to leave feedback? Also, is there any "time frame" for which I can give the refund, since the upfront payment was sent about a month ago?; also, the money were withdrawn from odesk, i have them in my paypal account, is this going to be an issue for the refund? Any advices on that matter will be helpful. Thanks in advace!
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Alexander N Member Since: Sep 14, 2013
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Hi, Marieta. From your description of issue, I have an impression, that client just want you to work for free. I'd say, try to get specifics out of him once again. What exactly he doesn't like in your work and what should be corrected. Also, you may point out, that you have provided number of designs far exceeding original price of contract and request additional milestone payment. If the client still gives you no definite answer on what he doesn't like in your designs, just tell him to end the contract. One more important point is: do not refund. You did a lot of work and you earned that upfront payment you received. Just leave appropriate feedback once contract is closed - politely, but firmly warn other freelancers of problem working with this particular client.
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Nigel S Member Since: Oct 12, 2012
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Just adding to Alexanders advice There will always be difficult clients. Try and see this as a learning experience. Try and learn from the limited experience you have communicating with this client about the personality traits the client displays, so in the future you can use this to avoid clients that display these traits. I would advise you to try to get to the end of the contract, when you communicate with the client do not say anything negative no matter what the client says. If the only possible response to a client is negative just say nothing. Think and say only positive! Keep trying and dont give up.