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Difficult customer, endless changes to the project

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Kathy T Member Since: Jul 17, 2015
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Emy F wrote:

I have a problem with a customer: we started work three months ago and although the delivery date was at the end of July, I can't even close the first milestone!

The customer took a long time to send me feedback on the first sending of my graphic proposals, so I sent the work with the payment request and she asked for changes and I made them. 

The 14 days established by Upwork have passed, the customer has canceled my payment request and asked me for other changes!
I have sent again the work done requesting again the payment of the first milestone, but the customer keeps saying he's not satisfied and keeps wasting my time with endless changes.


Is it possible that Upwork allows the customer to eliminate my request for payment and go on forever requesting changes?
What can I do to get out of this endless chain?
I feel so frustrated...


Thank you so much!


Hi XXX. The scope of this job has gone way above and beyond what was originally called for on this project. I will finish this last modification. If you need any more modifications you will need to close this contract and open a new hourly contract. Once you do that, I'll be more then happy to do whatever modifications you need otherwise, if you don't need any more modifications after this, you can release payment and close this job. How do you want to proceed with this job?


You have let this job get way out of hand. It's time YOU took charge. If you don't get a positive response with the above messag and/or If he sends another modification after that message, then your next step would be to start a dispute and take it all the way up to arbitration if you have to. This client is trying to scam you. Don't let him win. Stand your ground. He's playing with you in the hopes you'll get so frustrated that you'll refund all the money and he'll get free work. Don't reward him by doing that. And don't worry about any negative feedback. You're top rated and you have a perk where you can delete any public and private feedback that you might get. 



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Emy F Member Since: Nov 6, 2017
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Thank you so much for the advice, I'll try not to be discouraged!