Difficulties with contract (on hold, suspended, reactivated) and now with payment

So for some reason a contract with a client got set on hold first. I canceled that contract and my client made a new one. This contract got set to inactive and reactivated a few days later. All this time my client is trying to wire money to the fund. Or at least he shows me images of what seems to be a payment.


NOW, That payment never makes it to the job. In other words, the contract remains unfunded. 


It is not a huge contract but I would still like to get paid, as I already sent the work once the contract got reactivated


I would like to know if this is possible and Upwork has to come with an solution? Or is this a very unlikey scenario and is my client lying about doing the payment in the fund? 


thank you so much  in advance. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Anne Floor,


Could you please send me a private message with more information about the client and the job you are referring to? I checked and it looks like all your contracts are currently active and have money funded in Escrow.

~ Valeria

thanks for your answer. It has been solved.