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Difficulty in win the project on upwork.

I am freelancer on upwork trying to get the projects but last 4 months I didn't get any new job. 

Contniously doing the bidding but I dont know why Its happening with me. I am very serious about this. Also I lost connects on bid becuase now 6/4 connects on one proposal. I try to bid with 2 connects on those job posts after submission the proposal it seems like fake. 


Please let me know what I have to do? 

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Nisha, please don't take it very serious. Everything is normal with you. Viceversa, it shows that you are a good pro.
I am top-rated pro, with the same result.

Imagine people entered secon-hand shop.... Oh, Gucci, almost new, for $1, ah, Levi's for $0.5, almost new as well. The same happens with the project authors, when they see fake portfolio of your (unfortunately, mostly) and my compatriots.

So, let's wait for September, end of vacations and serious people being back.



Thanks Valery, But problem is that I can not do stop bidding otherwise it will effect on my job success. Also You know about the connects it is very costly now I spent 6 connects on one Bid If I will doing bidding like that I spent whole connects in 10 days, Due to lack of money if I have not job I can not purchase connects also. I hope you understand my concern. 



Unfortunately it looks like the very first word in your profile is a typo/grammar error (I' am). You might want to clean that up (either- I'm or I am) and then edit/revise your entire profile one more time.

Of course this may not be the sole reason you're struggling to find work, but it cannot possibly be helping.


Work smart, work safe!

You are not top rated, means if you have rating pair of percents more or less, no problem. Just wait till September, work will be more intensive.
For now, just try to analyze, whom hire clients mostly, what rates have those freelancers. You have access to such info, just check the history of projects where you placed the bid. And correct your hourly rates if they provide the same quality with lower prices, or just wait for the right person if your quality is higher. It´s difficult for me to decide if you have well'balanced prices. In my field $15/h is very low rate.
When I started to work on Upwork, I intentionally made my rates lower than in everyday life, just to provide start. You always can make them higher if everything goes OK.

Yes My rate is $15 now its very low rate... But still I didn't get any success... once everything will be fine I will increase my rate. right now my thinking is that. If this is not working for me in such a small amount, then if I increase my money at this time then I will not get the new job definately. 

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I'm wondering , just simple typo is, am, are will do magic there!
Spending a few bucks to buy connects will do some dramatic changes.

It means clients no longer interested in hiring and getting their work by guys who can actually do, rather they're suddenly interested in your gramatic mistakes or whether you pay uwork for connects.

I think not any Abra-ca-dabra can make magic- if some people are thinking like that - these things will attract clients.

It sounds funny!Smiley Very Happy

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