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Hello everyone!


I hope all of you are having a wonderful day!


I’ve been freelancing via UpWork since December 2018. So far, I've managed to satisfy my clients' needs and expectations in every aspect.
Thanks to that, in one year I've become Top Rated, made more money than I could never imagine as a business undergrad. I'm really happy to be part of this platform as a translator and copywriter but I've decided to expand my services.

I'd like to use UpWork to take my career to a whole other level!

I set my eyes on Digital Marketing.

Currently, I'm learning about SEO, SEM, PPC, Inbound Marketing on HubSpot Academy, Google Skillshop/Academy and Udemy.

I don't know how to get myself into the business after I complete all the courses and certificate programs I've been taking. If you have any piece of advice to a young fellow freelancer, please reply to this post.

Also please let me know if there are more free courses out there that can help with my self-educating process.


Thank you!