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Direct Contract Payment Issue - Amount Deducted Twice!

I have a direct hourly contract with a client. The client had funded in USD 1350 in the contract in August-2022. I can see that as the deposited amount in the contract.


I invoiced the client in September-2022 for about USD 600, and received it in my account within a couple of day - so far so good.


But this week the client noticed that her credit card statement has two deductions for Upwork; one for USD 1350 in August, and another for USD 600 in September!


What has happened here? - has anyone else experienced this?


Shouldn't the invoiced USD 600 have been deducted from the escrow? - is there any way for me to see the deductions on the escrow in Upwork?

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Hi Tejas,


What you're describing is working as designed. The purpose of the deposit is to serve as payment protection for the freelancer in case the client is unable to pay when invoiced after the work week. Once the contract is ended the deposit is refunded to the client.



Thanks, Andrea. So if I close the contract now, will the entire deposited amount of USD 1350 be returned to the client?

Will you please provide some product document or webpage that mentions this, so I can share it with the client?


Also, I got slightly different information from an Upwork customer service rep. They told me that the invoiced amount should have been deducted from the escrow fund, and should not have been billed on the credit card. I have an open ticket for this issue: 37695275.


Will you please confirm that this is working correctly?


Thanks a lot!

So the client has to pay twice until the contract is finished?

Wow. That sure makes for a terrible customer experience. 

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